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Professional Project Administrator Program


The Professional Project Administrator Program is a five-month, employment-focused online training program. It is offered in partnership with Indigenous communities through Professional and Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University.

Part of the program is to conduct participatory research with Indigenous learners. We hope to create a new understanding and awareness of how institutions of higher learning can partner with Indigenous people and communities in a good way. 

What Participants Say

“For me, it was pretty much life-changing. It opened up my educational world to a whole new area of opportunity. It created a lot of personal relationships with people that I think are going to last a long time.” 

“You know I can see myself as being more competent and confident. I feel like the difference before this course and after the course is there were times when I just felt, oh, I’m so lucky I got this job. Now I feel like future employers would be lucky to have me on their team.”

“I sought opportunities that I wouldn’t have without the program. I got them because of the program. …he job that I got, I sought out that opportunity because of the program.”

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PROJECT CONNECT: Technology-Enabled Learning for Indigenous Communities
Funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre.