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Project Connect Research

phase ONE – 2021-2022

The first offering of the Professional Project Administrator (PPA) program through Royal Roads University ran from October 2020 through February of 2021. Shortly thereafter, in April of 2021, the first phase of the Project Connect research began. The intent of the research was to gain knowledge on the impacts of the PPA program on the lives of the Métis students who graduated from it.

Project Connect research began with four Métis student research assistants from around BC, former graduates of the PPA program. Through online platforms, they joined Royal Roads faculty members to train in the protocol of participatory action research. The research assistants eventually reached out to their former classmates to ask them ethically reviewed interview questions, analyzed the interview data, and then presented the findings from that analysis to the larger research and PPA program teams.

This sequence of events would repeat twice more following the second and third cohorts of the PPA program, completing one year after it began, at the end of March 2022.

Research Report