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Celebration Of Findings — Data Divas

In this second celebration, four research assistants comprising team Data Divas, present their findings after coding and analyzing data extracted from interviewing their Professional Project Administrator program classmates. The impacts they note are insightful and engaging.



Sheena Desjarlais

Hello, my name is Sheena Desjarlais. I am currently a full-time student at the College of the Rockies in my third year in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, as well as a full-time College of the Rockies employee as a Coordinator for the ECE Training Wage and Wage Subsidy Programs.  

I was born and raised in a small Métis community in northern Saskatchewan and moved to BC for the experience. Moving to BC and getting involved in the Métis communities was a different experience. Métis people in BC are looking for Métis culture and a sense of belonging. When I saw that Royal Roads was offering a PPA program specific to Métis people, I could not pass up the opportunity. Education and Métis culture are two very important things in my life so when they were being offered together, I immediately took advantage of the offer. Royal Roads University did an excellent job showcasing Métis history and culture while helping Métis citizens by educating us for future employment. 

I was also given the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant for the PPA program which allowed me to gather information and analyze data about the PPA program from previous students. I love how Royal Roads is committed to making the PPA Program even better! 

Jacqueline Edmand

I’m Jacqueline or Jackie for short! I currently reside on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples and the Sna’naw’as First Nation. I am a proud member of The Painted Feather Woodland Métis community in Ontario.   

I hold two recent certifications from Royal Roads University – Professional Project Administration Certification Program and Jelly Academy-Digital Marketing, in which both have distinguished commitment to Indigenous learning and academia. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate as a research assistant with Project Connect.   

This experience has been uplifting educationally and personally in how I perceive this colonized landscape through an Indigenous woman’s lens. I feel empowered to continue the fight for our voices to be heard and our heritage to be preserved. This passion has led me to dedicate myself to lifelong learning and employment in the non-profit sector. 

Gaileen Flaman

“Taanshi kiya” is one way newly self-employed Métis mother of two, Gaileen (“Gai” is okay, but never “Gail”) Flaman might greet you. Thrilled to have been invited to participate as an interviewer, data collector, and coder, Gaileen enjoyed the experience of weaving together students’ feedback and comments into a meaningful story meant to acknowledge, inform, and celebrate the impact of the PPA program. She is most grateful for the opportunity to make visible the Métis student’s experiences and contribute to a new chapter in education that elevates and uplifts Indigenous people.

Janey Rowland

Taanishi Janey Rowland dishinihkaashoon! Hello, my name is Janey Rowland! I am a small business owner, a practitioner of herbology, and a recent graduate of the Professional Project Administration Certification Program.  

As a Métis individual, on their own journey of cultural reconnection and personal exploration, it has been a truly unique and rewarding experience being a member of this wonderful team of people with Project Connect and Royal Roads University.  

My time within both the program and further still as a research assistant has opened my eyes more completely to the interconnectedness of not only who we are but what we can achieve when we advocate for change and development. I am proud to say I have been a small part of the important work being done here. 

Empowered with both the experiences and the knowledge I have gained over this last year, I am committed to furthering my education into the area of non-profit management, assisting other organizations to continue their good work within the global community.