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Credit Courses


All the courses included in the Professional Project Administrator (PPA) Program have been carefully curated to provide graduates with essential skills for success in the shortest time. 

Credit courses in the PPA Program are transferrable toward nine unassigned undergraduate credits through Royal Roads University.

Flowers and foliage on Royal Roads Campus

Foundations Of Collective Leadership

In this course, you’ll have an opportunity to explore how collective leadership works. You will learn how to leverage personal and collective capacities for community development. And how to build relationships that honour the importance of each person’s contribution, exploring strategies for mobilizing and coordinating with others to achieve collective goals. 

Three Undergraduate Credits

Fall on Royal Roads campus

Foundations of Project Management

This course introduces students to project management techniques applicable in every job sector. You will be introduced to an internationally accepted framework for managing large and small projects, local and international, incremental and transformational. You will also learn how Indigenous ways of managing projects may differ. 

Three Undergraduate Credits

Sword Fern

Foundations of Data Management

Today’s companies are overwhelmed with data and information. A crucial role of the project administrator is to sort through the data and information clutter, understand it, safeguard it, and tell a story about it for understanding and action by the organizations and communities they serve. This course will focus on writing technical information narratives and creating visually meaningful content to present data in ways that draw-in audiences and support decision-makers for action.

Three Undergraduate Credits