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Student Supports


We enhance student success in the Professional Project Administrator (PPA) Program by providing support for the whole person with what we call “wraparound services.” Student experience and success is improved through emotional, financial, technical, cultural, and logistical support. In previous program offerings, these supports were highly valued by students. 

Financial Assistance
Our partnering Indigenous organizations have access to a living stipend we can help you apply for. 

Indigenous Elder
Guidance and teachings from an Indigenous Elder are woven into the program. The cultural activities are a highlight for many students.

Indigenous Counsellor
Students have access to Indigenous counselling services for free.

Students are given a laptop computer, keyboard, and mouse to keep. The computer comes loaded with MS Office 365, with a one-year license. 

Career Support
Students get weekly sessions on a wide variety of career development topics. They also get one-on-one career coaching, a job club, and a job fair, 

Life Coaching
One-on-one life coaching sessions are available to all students to help set goals, balance life’s demands, and build strategies to overcome challenges.